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Taking your Success as serious as you do

Since Above & Beyond took flight in 2008 as a full-service marketing communications company, I’ve been driven to soar above and beyond my own expectations and by taking my clients’ success as serious as they did help me do just that!

Over the years, I’ve assembled a host of talented human assets; harnessed specific skills of affiliates and utilized my associations. The time has come for me to spread Above & Beyond Communications wings wider to soar higher as Above & Beyond Enterprises, a trusted, reliable source of result driven talents, tools, and technologies.

Personal attention to your success remains paramount and providing you access to result-driven assets, affiliates and associations will be the means to help you soar.

Maria Page, President

PS: I get it. You’re making an investment in your success, which is why you can count on receiving straight-talk and result-specific services at the best value possible.

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Featured Success Boosters

Robust Responsive Website
One website offering visitors an appealing and optimal experience no matter how your website is accessed: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
From script to screen, captivating video marketing
Audience engagement video optimized for viewing across social, media and marketing channels and mediums.
Proximity Marketing
Effortless marketing using breakthrough technology automatically sending messages reaching consumers with Android devices.

Taking Flight

Another Value and Results Driven Offering

Our triple A (Assets Affiliates Associations) advantage allows Above & Beyond Enterprises to deliver services and solutions more efficiently, effectively and economically than any single service provider.

Tapping our wealth of experiences and expertise,Taking Flight Sites are another value and results driven offering to help more enterprising individuals succeed and soar.

Generating Lift

Finesse and Funding

Unshakable belief and the willingness to invest in oneself are essential for any idea, product or business to be able to fly.

However, as established companies can attest too, it is finesse and funding that provides the needed lift, especially for enterprising individuals, to get off the ground and take flight.

Generating Lift Solutions

Offering direction, connecting you with investors or engaging in the pursuit of capital venture funding from hundreds-of-thousands to millions of dollars, Above & Beyond’s triple-A advantage can likely address any marketing and funding challenges that you have.  However, the only way to know is to give me, Maria, a call at (262) 607-0083.


Investor Outreach

Marketing Strategy