Google’s penalty box

In April 2015 Google officially started penalizing websites that were not mobile-friendly and now they are doing the same for sites that do not have an SSL. However, Google also started rewarding the search rank of mobile-friendly sites and sites with SSL.

It’s understandable why mobile-friendly is so misunderstood and a side-by-side viewing is the easiest way to test if your site is truly responsive: i.e. mobile-friendly

Visit your website on a smartphone, tablet or laptop and from your desktop at the same time. If your site is mobile-friendly it will automatically respond by making page layout and navigation adjustments to be viewed and function properly on the mobile device you’re using. If not, that’s penalty one.

Now, if you do not see an https:// or green lock next to your domain name in the browser bar, that’s a double whamming penalty.

If you have the time and some technical adaptitude, making your site mobile-friendly might not be a frustrating or daunting task. However, make sure you are using the proper tools and techniques. And, your website’s hosting provider should have SSL options available.

Of course, the easiest and surest method is using Above & Beyond’s Innovated Tools and help from our Top-Notch Talents.