A+ Affiliates

Taking our clients success as serious as they do goes above and beyond the Top-Notch Talents and Innovated Tools we provide. Above & Beyond’s A+ Affiliates respond to the most common “other” needs, business and personal, that clients would ask us for direction or help.

I and even our A+ Affiliates have also taken advantage of the services offered by A+ Affiliates. ~M

Maria Page
Empowerment Tools


Coaching leadership principles, processes and programs provide women and men the empowerment tools to enrich their lives in every way and enhance their performance in anything they do!

Legal Services

Protect your hard-earned assets from legal liability. Our A+ legal Affiliate will help you legally safe-guard your personal assets and businesses. Personal, family, and business packages available.

Tax Services

With a team of accounting professionals to get more relief from your tax burden. Personal, family, and business options available.

Credit Services

Learn how to build and improve your credit score to save more money on car and home loans.

Online & ID Protection Services

Protect your ID and bank accounts from hackers. Plus, get expert help with all your online defense needs including virus protection and instant tech support.
Personal, family and business packages available.

Adelines Sea Moose

Deal Making Venue

68′ private luxury yacht Coast Guard certified for 45 passengers docked at Burnham Harbor Chicago for making deals, building networks, entertaining clients, rewarding employees, fundraising or just for fun.

Adeline's House of Cool and Retreat

More than a Getaway

6 bedroom private Wisconsin estate surrounded by meticulously kept grounds with access to Lake Puckaway is ideal for executive retreats, employee incentives, and R & R.